Crop Care

Crop Tour Takes on Tillage

New multiyear study will measure how different seedbed prep methods affect corn emergence, growth and yield.
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Hay & Forage

Southeastern Hay Contest Winner: First-Place Forage

Southeastern Hay Contest Winner: First-Place Forage

Georgia producer grows “off-the-charts” alfalfa.
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  • AGCO Acceleration Center

    It’s been two years since the AGCO Acceleration Center opened its doors at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Since the beginning, the Acceleration Center has partnered with local companies, empowered interns, and is becoming a hub for innovation in the Research Park.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • AGCO Crop Tour 2019: Weather challenges planting in Northwest Europe

    The AGCO Crop Tour 2019 is underway at seven locations in Northwest Europe, focusing on sugar beets and corn.

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  • AGCO Crop Tour Update: 2019 Tillage Trials

    The 2019 AGCO Crop Tour is comparing tillage methods for seedbed preparation in terms of plant emergence and growth, spacing, surface residue, root development, soil compaction and yield.

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  • Science Fairs Are Not Just for Students

    Science fairs have long been a place for students to think creatively and execute hypotheses they wanted to challenge. Many ideas stemmed from professors inspiring students to take risks, test their hypotheses, create solutions, and promote a new way of thinking that could solve problems. Having our own Data Science Fair at AGCO to better serve our customers spurred conversations, generated new ideas, and created a forum to discuss data in a way that any person whether, “tech-savvy” or not, could understand.

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