A Great Little Workhorse

Christ’s Massey Ferguson 235 does a little bit of everything.

Harold Christ on his Massey Ferguson 235.

Harold Christ on his Massey Ferguson 235.

Florence Farms Nursery owner Harold Christ is in awe of his Massey Ferguson 235. “It was the first tractor we acquired here … so, it’s done everything. I mean it has loaded trucks. It has cleaned up. We use it all day harvesting palm trees, pulling trailers. It is literally the jack of all trades. It’s had 9 lives just because of how we’ve utilized it.”

In addition to that hardiness and versatility, it’s also easy to use, says Christ about the tractor he purchased from Empire Agriculture in Casa Grande, Ariz. “It’s very simple and useful, and a lot of equipment isn’t. We were just working on something yesterday, using an off-brand—a name I won’t mention—and, gosh, we were on and off and on and off trying to get things hooked up. That’s not the case with the Massey. The hydraulics are quick and implements are easy to hook up.”

“Really,” Christ says, “it’s just a great little workhorse for an operation like ours.”

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