Peppers: Online Resources

Where to buy peppers, seeds, plants and more.

By Lynn Coulter
Pepper Joe’s is billed as the home of the Ghost Pepper and the Bhut Jolokia, two of the hottest peppers around, but you’ll find other varieties here, too.
Seeds of Change sells certified organic seeds, including pepper seeds. Try them for Habanero, Aji, Ancho and Cayennes.
Want a taste of peppers from around the world? Reimer Seeds offers over 2,100 varieties. They also sell the rare Zimbabwe Bird and Fatalii, both from Africa.
If you’d rather grow starts instead of seeds, check out Cross Country Nurseries for a variety of live pepper plants.
Gourmet cooks, this is your stop for the best cooking peppers.
Ball® Brand Canning Guides
So Easy To Preserve Books and Videos
How to make your own chili powder.

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