The HD Series 2600

The ultimate utility tractor just got even better.

With new features now available, Massey Ferguson's HD Series 2600 is all the more versatile and indispensible.

With new features now available, Massey Ferguson’s HD Series 2600 is all the more versatile and indispensible.

They are the heaviest heavy-duty utility tractors in their class. And with four models ranging from 62 to 83 PTO horsepower, the Massey Ferguson® HD Series 2600 tractors have proven an indispensable tool for a wide range of producers and other businesses. Now, with the introduction of new features and options, they promise even more versatility.

A number of recent changes on all HD models includes more legroom and increased visibility, while the standard 2660 HD, 2670 HD and 2680 HD tractors can now be ordered as “high-clearance” models. “They will be equipped with 50-inch tires on the rear and 34-inch tires on the front for up to 22 inches of clearance under the frame,” says Rene Boivin, Massey Ferguson’s product marketing manager for utility, specialty and mid-range tractors. “This makes it the ideal tractor for vegetable growers and others who need the extra clearance.”

The HD Series 2600 has also added new offerings for the unique production needs of the tree fruit and nut industries. Through an arrangement with Key Dollar Cab, a spray cab manufacturer in Portland, Oregon, Massey Ferguson will offer a robust cab and full-coverage orchard fenders on two of its most popular models.

“The cabs being created specifically for the 2670 HD and 2680 HD low-profile tractors consist of a completely sealed, air-conditioned, pressurized unit with charcoal air and dust filtration.” That, says Boivin, “will enhance operator safety, protection and comfort while spraying in orchards. The cabs also feature 1/2-inch-thick orchard glass to prevent window breakage, as well as a low, sleek shape designed to allow tree branches to slide by without breaking branches or damaging the crop.”

To produce a cab that fits perfectly, Massey Ferguson combined its own high-tech product development systems with the design and fabrication expertise of the Key Dollar Cab team. “By starting the design process using our computerized technical drawings, they’re able to create the new cabs without the potentially inaccurate process of measuring the tractor,” Boivin relates.

While the tractor and cab must be ordered separately by the dealer and installed prior to delivery, Massey Ferguson will make financing available for the entire package through AGCO Finance.

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