The New Standard

The new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series combines offer increased capacity with lower input costs and simpler, more comfortable operation.

Left to right: The MF9560, MF9540 and MF9520

Left to right: The MF9560, MF9540 and MF9520

Larger farms and a smaller workforce have created the need for combines that do more with less. That’s exactly the strategy behind the new, next-generation axial rotor Massey Ferguson 9500 Series. Comprised of three models—the MF9520, MF9540 and MF9560—the 9500 Series offers greater comfort, capacity and power. Yet the new combines also offer improved serviceability, adjustments that are easier to make on the fly, Tier IVi compliance and increased fuel efficiency.

To sum it up, says Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager for Massey Ferguson combines, “the 9500 Series machines are the most productive combines ever built by Massey Ferguson.

“For example,” he explains, “the new Trident processor, which is unique to the 9540 and 9560, incorporates a new multi-zone crop flow design that ensures even feeding to the rotor for more controlled, even threshing and less power consumption. Customers will also benefit from more easy-to-make adjustments to match conditions in the field, while the new concave sections are designed for removal and installation by one person.”

Cobb says customers will be equally impressed with the secondary systems, like the new V-cool package on the MF9540 and MF9560, which orients the radiator and all cooling units for the air conditioner, hydraulic systems and air-to-air intercooler in a V shape below a hydraulically driven, variable-speed fan.

“There are no cooling units stacked in front of one another, so each one receives maximum air flow,” he says. “The system even includes a purge cycle, which reverses the fan as needed to clear the engine air intake and indirectly increases filter life.

“Looking at the outside, customers won’t see a lot of change from the 9005 Series combines,” continues Cobb. “But once they take a closer look internally, they’ll see how this series is yet another example of the technology Massey Ferguson has built into its machines.”

Two of the new Massey Ferguson 9500 models, the MF9540 and MF9560, are virtually redesigned machines, with the following features:

• Longer feederhouse (6.4 inches) for improved header visibility and larger header drives for larger heads and tougher conditions.

• New Tri-Flow™ cleaning system that utilizes natural stratification through 3 distinct air zones for full-length cleaning

• Larger, 10-inch clean grain cross auger for increased capacity

• Optional 24-foot unloading auger that provides a longer reach with wide headers

• New MAV straw chopper with a two-speed drive for improved spread widths

• New two-speed, mechanical rotor drive system, which features a hydraulic rotor-reversing system that reverses all drives, including the elevators and feed system

• Quieter cab, featuring an updated armrest console, a shorter steering column and pre-wired systems for camera inputs, System 150 and AGCOMMAND options.

• New C2100 monitor that offers improved touch sensitivity and operation, along with “A” post mounting for better visibility.

Among the new MF9520, MF9540 and MF9560 features: a 313-hp rating, a cooling system intake screen and many cab features shared with the 9540 and 9560.