Tractor-Lovin’ Troubadour

Meet the newest member of the Massey Ferguson family.

By Richard Banks

Rodney Atkins joins the Massey Ferguson family.

Rodney Atkins joins the Massey Ferguson family.

Country singer Rodney Atkins appreciates a good tractor … and the folks who drive them. He even has a song titled “Friends With Tractors” that extols the virtues of those good ol’ boys and girls who “grow your groceries, haul a load, pull you out and fix the road.”

Atkins has plenty such friends and songs about them and the lives they lead. He’s topped the country charts with music that captures the hopes, dreams and everyday concerns of hard-working Americans, because he’s one of them. He sings “he wouldn’t have it any other way” in “These Are My People” and, while celebrating love and living off the land in the video for “Farmer’s Daughter,” he features another old friend—a Massey Ferguson Model 35 Deluxe that makes a cameo appearance.

It’s a sign of things to come. Late last year, Atkins named Massey Ferguson his official tractor. So, stay tuned. News involving special concert appearances, how to get Atkins’ autographed CDs at Massey Ferguson dealerships and more is coming soon.