Snow-removal tools for compacts and sub-compacts are a snap to attach and use, and they’ll save you time, money and a lot of backache.

By Karen Keb

The 2360 snow blower will move 8 to 10 inches of snow easily

The 2360 snow blower will move 8 to 10 inches of snow easily

Looking to blow, blade or sweep some snow this winter?Here’s a rundown of three implements that’ll not only move it, but move it fast.

If you’re running a sub-compact or utility tractor, the Massey Ferguson® 2360 or 1410 shaft-driven, front-mount snow blowers will have you cleared in no time. Choose a front-mounted blade if you have lots of open space in which to push the snow; the MF2330 and MF1535 rotary brooms come in handy for sweeping light snow from walks and drives.

“I used to use my front-end loader, but could only push the snow so far,” says Joe Giacin, a Torrington, Conn., resident and Massey Ferguson GC2600 tractor owner. “My 2360 snow blower will move 8 to 10 inches of snow easily. It throws wet, heavy snow 30 feet and lighter snow up to 50 feet. It does a fantastic job removing snow in conjunction with the tractor’s hydrostatic transmission, and it never slips,” meaning he doesn’t have to stop and change gears.

When Joe travels on business, his wife, Debbie, assumes the duty of blowing snow. Last year, when the region experienced one of the worst winters in history, Debbie broke a shear pin while Joe was away. She simply went to their dealer—Goff’s Equipment Service in Litchfield, Conn.—and with their help obtained a new pin, replaced it, and went back to the business of clearing their property. “It’s not too complicated, and she’s an amazing woman,” says Joe.

Brooklyn, Conn., Highway Superintendent Tom Rukstela chose the MF1528 tractor and MF1410 snow blower to clear sidewalks because of three factors: quality (he’s owned three Massey Ferguson tractors in the past), price and his relationship with local dealer Dan Huff of Big Boy’s Toys in Pomfret Center. “The combination chews up anything in its path, including hard or fluffy snow, and leaves the walkways clear,” says Tom. “It’s comfortable to run and makes the job enjoyable.”

Adds AGCO Product Marketing Specialist Roger Gifford, “Our attachments are engineered for Massey Ferguson tractors and tested for maximum reliability. And they can be financed along with a tractor purchase, which makes them even more affordable.”

The rotary broom handles leaves or snow.

The rotary broom handles leaves or snow.

Sweep Your Troubles Away

Massey Ferguson front-mount rotary brooms are ideal for sweeping debris of all kinds from paved surfaces, but they can do more. In parts of the country where leaves fall by the bushel before the snow flies, you can put your broom to work sweeping the leaves from the lawn and into the garden or street gutter. The rotary broom will also sweep 1 to 3 inches of dry snow from your driveways and walkways; mount the MF2330 broom on your MF2400 or MF2600 series sub-compact tractor, and you’ll have a great tool for sweeping snow and other debris out of your open sheds and barns.