Cow’s Calling

Monitor the herd on your mobile phone.

The new technology will require less on-site monitoring of herds

A new “texting cow” technology can measure an animal’s movements in three dimensions and send alerts via wireless technology, including mobile phones and Internet. To do so, the new system, which is being developed in the United Kingdom under the name Silent Herdsman, uses a sensor similar to those in Nintendo’s Wii gaming controllers.

According to reports in the British press, the sensor, which is installed in a collar, picks up on subtle movements of the head. Such measurement can show, for instance, if the animal’s hind legs begin to lower, a potential indication of illness. In addition, the Silent Herdsman collar can detect if the is cow is coming into heat, a technology that’s already on the market.

Overall, the new technology is expected to save animals from extended distress, and reduce time and money expenditures for farmers, as it will require less on-site monitoring of herds. It can also assist in making insemination more productive, as alerts will allow for better timing.

The developers of the system recently began promoting Silent Herdsman in North America. See
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