First Line of Defense

In addition to increased uptime, AGCO’s PM360 maintenance program pays multiple benefits, even reward points.

By Tharran E. Gaines

PM360 helps AGCO customers keep their equipment running at peak performance.

PM360 helps AGCO customers keep their equipment running at peak performance.

Fourth-generation Idaho producer Jesse Beaver thought he knew the advantages of having the air, hydraulic and oil filters changed regularly on his family’s Massey Ferguson® equipment. Changing the filters keeps their MF9635 self-propelled windrower and MF2190 baler in top condition and increases uptime on the 750 acres of alfalfa that supplement the family’s sugar beet and barley operation near Paul, Idaho. Doing so as part of the AGCO PM360 Preventative Maintenance Program adds an element of convenience and reliability. Of those points, Beaver was and still is certain.

One benefit, however, caught him by surprise—as one of 20 winners in the 2011 PM360 sweepstakes, he received a $100 gift card from AGCO Parts.

For 2012, the rewards are even better for those enrolled in PM360—short for “Preventative Maintenance from Every Angle.” Customers like Beaver will now earn reward points and a free hat just for signing up for the progam. Plus, they’ll receive points for all parts purchased during a PM360 preventative maintenance visit, just as frequent flyers accumulate airline miles for each flight, says Jann Everhart, marketing manager with the AGCO Parts Division. Those points can then be used for purchases from a special catalog that includes everything from electronics to golf clubs.

Still, at its core, PM360 helps AGCO customers keep their equipment running at peak performance. “The more maintenance-minded the customer, the less downtime that person generally experiences,” observes Eugene Evans, manager of technical support for AGCO Parts. “In the meantime, they typically experience better performance from the product, based on fewer failures, better engine performance, improved fuel efficiency and those sorts of things.”

“We take our windrower and baler into Agri-Service Inc., our Massey Ferguson dealer in Heyburn, Idaho, every winter for inspection and service,” says Beaver, noting that they also purchase all their twine and hay preservative from Agri-Service. “We just like knowing that when we pull into the field for that first cutting each spring, everything is going to work like it is supposed to. Of course, the chance to earn rewards certainly doesn’t hurt, either.”

In addition to offering points for parts purchases, Massey Ferguson dealers can also customize the PM360 program for their customers. For more information about AGCO’s PM360 program, please visit your local AGCO dealer. To find a dealer, visit For enrollment details, visit