Gary and Sue Heffner

A steadfast brand and loyal fans support Gary Heffner’s magazine.

By Richard Banks

Sue and Gary Heffner

Sue and Gary Heffner

Gary Heffner describes the readers of Legacy Quarterly as “fiercely loyal Massey fans.” So much so, says the editor of the Massey Harris Ferguson collectors magazine, that a group of 78 loyal supporters contributed some $20,000 to help him get the publication off the ground.

“That shows you the seriousness of these people who wanted this magazine,” adds Gary, who along with his wife, Sue, runs Legacy Quarterly from a 65-acre farm near Rushville, in eastern Ohio.

Along with a few dedicated part-timers and freelancers, the Heffners offer stories on iconic equipment, such as the Ferguson 40 and Massey Ferguson® 65, as well as many non-farm, Massey-branded items, such as snowmobiles and bicycles. Other articles profile family-owned Massey Ferguson dealerships, as well as many of the people who made the company a dominant agricultural equipment innovator.

Among Gary’s favorite articles is a story about how photos showing Massey Ferguson combines operating in the old Soviet Union were smuggled out of the country. “The Soviet deal was impressive because most companies couldn’t do business there,” he says. “They actually got [the photos] into the American embassy and sent them back in diplomatic pouches.”

Then there was a piece about the lengths to which a group of New Guinea natives went to acquire a Massey Ferguson 35. “They actually had to make a special raft to get it back to their village. These guys minted silver coins to pay for it. Now,” concludes Gary, “they must have really wanted that tractor.”

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