The AGCO-Branded UAV

AGCO and SOLO team up to offer the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle technology for farming.

By Jenny Bryant

0216uav1The latest in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, the new Solo AGCO Edition comes with everything customers need to set up and hit the ground running, or, in this case, take to the skies. With both an RGB and near-infrared camera, the Solo makes crop monitoring and optimization amazingly easy and efficient by providing outputs capable of producing variable-rate maps that allow farmers to take immediate action to improve yields.

Customer value and ease of use are what set the Solo apart from the competition, according to Jeff Punter, AGCO Parts purchasing manager: “The Solo AGCO Edition is ready for use straight out the box and includes helpful features, such as in-app training videos and user-defined operational settings to help customers transition from beginner to expert.”

Punter also notes, “The kit includes two cameras, customized for aerial imaging, to provide results that are immediately actionable and help optimize inputs and increase profitability. There is,” he concludes, “no other product on the market providing this level of capability at this price point.”

The Solo is currently available through the AGCO dealer network in both the U.S. and Canada. For more information, including a video demo, see Please follow FAA regulations when operating any UAV.