Biltmore: See a Slide Show of Our Visit

Photographer Art Meripol has shot Biltmore many times in his career. Enjoy a slide show of his views of the house and farm.

By Des Keller | Photos By Art Meripol

Click to play:

Biltmore, which today encompasses 8,000 acres, is home to a variety of farming enterprises, including cattle and sheep operations totaling some 1,500 animals. Though most of the estate’s acres are forested, crops such as corn, soybeans, canola, sunflowers and sudangrass are grown in any given year.

Biltmore has long been a Massey Ferguson® customer. Their small fleet includes Massey tractors dating back 35 years. The nearly new MF4610 is the most recent jack of all trades making life easier in a diversified operation.

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