Right-Sized, Plenty of Power

Capable, dependable equipment and a Massey Ferguson® dealership that gets to know its customers.

The Morgiewicz’ MF543

“These are just dependable tractors,” says David Morgiewicz, referring to the five Massey Ferguson tractors he and his family own and use on their 150-acre farming operation. They’re also capable. With just the right weight-to-power ratio, David says his Massey Ferguson tractors can pull big loads without bogging down in the dark, rich soil for which his native Black Dirt Region is famous. Heavier machines from competitive brands would be digging ruts and sinking up to their axles.

The Morgiewicz’ tractors range in age and size, from an MF50 they’ve owned since 1958 (and still use) to a MF543, purchased in 2008. David says this is his go-to tractor for almost everything. With an engine rated at 52 hp (45 pto) and weighing in at 5,456 pounds, the MF543 can be used to plant, spray and cultivate everything they grow.

“It’s not so small that I can’t hook up a 10-foot disc,” says David, “and I’ve actually hooked up a three-bottom plow to it, and it pulls great.” Additionally, he loves the tractor’s easy-to-reach shuttle gear that can allow him to shift smoothly from forward to reverse or vice versa without coming to a complete stop or grinding gears in the process.

It doesn’t hurt that the Morgiewicz family can rely on Sosler’s Garden and Farm Equipment in a pinch. It’s a relationship that began shortly after Sosler’s opened in the early 1950s and has lasted, in large part because the dealership provides quick service to keep tractors working in the field. The Soslers also get to know the needs of their customers, says Joe Morgiewicz.

“We get really great information from them, “ Joe says. “They’re very good at picking out the tractor for the job we need done. In my lifetime, we’ve bought three tractors from them, sight unseen, based on Sosler’s recommendation, and it’s always worked out really well for us.”

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