Windmist Farm Resources

Where George and Martha Neale get their big ideas.

Like something you read about in this story? Find out more about Belted Galloways, easier meat processing and the Salatin way of raising poultry.

Windmist Farm: Visit George and Martha’s website for more information, including retail hours and galleries of their farm and animals:

The Rhode Island Raised Livestock Association: The Neales say it’s a model other groups of producers can follow.

Joel Salatin’s Beef-Poultry Rotation: This website——summarizes the idea, while Salatin’s book takes a deep dive.

More on the 5400 Series tractor and livestock safety.

High-Tunnel Growing Season Extension: Ideal for colder climates and catching on in warmer ones. Join hundreds of other farmers in the program.

Even the White House uses a smaller version of the high tunnel hoop house, similar to the program the Neales joined. See the USDA video here for more:

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