Perfect Tractor

The Robertsons chose Massey Ferguson—twice—for their farm, and it has paid off.

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Outstanding in the Field

Stephen and Dawn Robertson have made a nice life at East Fork Farm marketing farm-to-table. One night last summer, their market came to them.

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With new features now available, Massey Ferguson's HD Series 2600 is all the more versatile and indespensible.

The HD Series 2600

The ultimate utility tractor just got even better.

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Stand and Deliver

Market your fresh farm produce at a roadside stand.

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Each of 20 Rhode Island farmers are featured on their own trading card.

Farm Team

Rhode Island’s Kids First creates trading cards about their state’s farmers.

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A Family With Pull

After decades of tractor pulls, the Haneys have the sport in their blood. And their tractor is one bad dog.

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Leon Haney built Cujo Unleashed from the ground up. That gives him an edge on the track.

In The Shop with Leon Haney

Leon Haney of the Cujo Pulling Team shows us around both the diesel and alcohol versions of Cujo, the famous pulling tractor.

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What Matters Most

Country music star Rodney Atkins sits down for an interview and talks about his family, science projects and why hard-working people are the subjects of his songs. Read More
Seared Pork Medallions with Mushrooms

Super Fast Summer Recipes

These quick recipes are fancy enough for company but easy enough for family meals.

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Caterpillar to Butterfly

Click through this slide show to reveal the larva-to-adult transformations.

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