Nahar, who is in charge of potatoes at Kibbutz Nirim (second from left), with Omer Glili (far left), a part-time farm worker when he’s not working on his Ph.D.; Ofra Razz, who is in charge of Nirim’s pest management; and Ohad Gotshtat, Nirim farm manager.

Efficiency Is Mission Critical

Massey Ferguson tractors help save time and money, and ‘that’s a very good thing in Israel.’

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She Wrote the Book: Audrey Levatino and the Women-Powered Farm

How this Virginia grower came to write a practical guide for other women wanting to get into the “business.”

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Fall Recipes: Chicken and Dumplings, Carrot-Apple-Spinach Salad, Skillet Pears

Take off the autumn chill with a warm bowl of chicken and dumplings. Pair with a garden-fresh, apple- and carrot-topped spinach salad for a bushel of fall flavors.

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Our Best Tips on Restoring a Pasture

Advice on how to create healthy pastureland, nutritious forage, and hay or wildlife cover for years to come.

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When It Comes to Data, It’s Farmer’s Choice

The benefits of AGCO’s two-pipe approach to managing farm data.

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Massey Ferguson Introduces 4600M Series Tractors

With new features and a new cab option, the latest 4600M Series tractors are even better suited to year-round performance.

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TLC for Your Tractor

The attention you give to tractor maintenance can provide year-round benefits.

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