AGCO Crop Tour

Crop Tour Takes on Tillage

New multiyear study will measure how different seedbed prep methods affect corn emergence, growth and yield.

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Corn Planting Depth, Down Force, Singulation and Soil Contact Studies in AGCO Crop Tour

Three years of on-farm trial data confirms best practices when planting.

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Seeing is Believing

Growers harvest new practices from AGCO® Crop Tour™ events.

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Eyes in the Furrow

The new SmartFirmer® seed firmer from Precision Planting® takes the guesswork out of soil conditions when planting.

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Beating Soil Compaction

Learn about yield-robbing soil compaction and how to remedy it with Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for seeding and tillage with AGCO Corp.

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AGCO Crop Tour 2018: What We’ve Learned

The 2018 AGCO® Crop Tour™ events are wrapping up. See what growers are learning.

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A tiller makes elaborate patterns in the dirt.

AGCO Crop Tour Plots Underway

More states and new planting technology mark the successful program’s third year.

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