AGCO Crop Tour

Beating Soil Compaction

Learn about yield-robbing soil compaction and how to remedy it with Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for seeding and tillage with AGCO Corp.

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AGCO Crop Tour 2018: What We’ve Learned

The 2018 AGCO® Crop Tour™ events are wrapping up. See what growers are learning.

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A tiller makes elaborate patterns in the dirt.

AGCO Crop Tour Plots Underway

More states and new planting technology mark the successful program’s third year.

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Doing Well By Doing Good

A Russian producer’s mission to improve the health of his soil, increase yield and share knowledge with others offers all the more proof that farmers, no matter where they live, have a lot in common.

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Planting Tips To Increase Corn Yields and ROI

A three-part series on best management practices for planting corn.

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2017 Crop Tour Results

Harvest results prove precision technology and best practices boost yields and ROI.

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Matching the System for High-Speed Planting

AGCO product and field specialists Tom Draper, Larry Kuster and Justin Remus report from the AGCO Crop Tour.

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