Best Practices

Rex Reyher stands by a center-pivot irrigation system on his farm.

Water In His Veins

A fourth-generation farmer comes back home with family and hopes in tow.

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Bales of hay, stacked high, are placed in a neat pile by machine.

Turn Trash To Treasure

Reap the benefits of managing crop residue.

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An overhead view of a harvesting machine collecting grain.

Harvest More Than Grain

Pre-harvest planning and maintenance help make the most of your combine pass.

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Doing Well By Doing Good

A Russian producer’s mission to improve the health of his soil, increase yield and share knowledge with others offers all the more proof that farmers, no matter where they live, have a lot in common.

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Planting Tips To Increase Corn Yields and ROI

A three-part series on best management practices for planting corn.

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7 Tips To Prep Your Planter

Good planter maintenance will not only help maximize its performance, but your yield potential as well.

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Get Off To The Right Start

Lessons learned on the 2017 AGCO Crop Tour can help give every seed its best shot.

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Start And Finish Faster

Corn yield isn’t the only consideration when applying starter fertilizer.

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Make A Nitrogen Plan

Balance the “4Rs” for each field to improve fertilizer efficiency.

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A Young Farmer’s Career Moves

A young farmer brings new ideas to the family operation, but with a passion for agriculture that has always been there.

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