Decision Agriculture


A family operation crunches the numbers on the road to greater efficiency.

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OSU grad student sets world record for precision ag data collection.

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The new Challenger MT700 track tractor is shown pulling a tiller over farmland.

Track Record: The Challenger MT700

The new Challenger® MT700 Series delivers production-enhancing features, increased comfort and Challenger quality to the results-oriented farmer.

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Get In The Zone

Field management zones can help maximize yields with fewer inputs.

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Beyond Precision: Digital Agriculture

Precision agriculture is just one of the pillars of the new world of high-tech farming.

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Smart Seed Selection

Match the best hybrids and varieties to your management zones.

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High-Tech Zone Help

As more growers set up management zones in their fields, new technologies are coming online to help at every step of the process. AGCO experts discuss their favorites among the latest and upcoming innovations.

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