Make A Nitrogen Plan

Balance the “4Rs” for each field to improve fertilizer efficiency.

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Steve Hicks kneels down on his farm in Indiana.

Back To The Future

While growing his herd size, this Indiana producer also enriches his soil via cover crops and tried-and-true grazing practices.

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New RoGator C Series

It’s long been known as the benchmark in self-propelled application equipment. Now, with the launch of the C Series, RoGator adds to its decades-long reputation for innovative technology that delivers accurate and efficient application of nutrients and crop-protection products.

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Band Wagon

Banding nutrients at planting can increase wheat profitability.

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Highly Configurable

Sunflower introduces a narrow-transport version of its high-speed, single-disc air drill.

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Futuristic Farming

With eyes in the sky and boots on the ground, farmers have more data than ever with which to make decisions.

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Lost In His Work

A Nebraska producer continues to adapt his crops and methods to his land and markets, and in the process is reminded how much he still loves farming.

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