The Return On Investment for Starter Fertilizer in Corn

Does starter fertilizer get worthwhile results in corn? Here’s an agronomist’s close look at the process and the payoff.

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Top Three Lessons From Four Years of AGCO Crop Tours

In spite of—and perhaps because of—an abnormal year on the farm with tough conditions, the 2019 AGCO Crop Tour plots produced valuable information to use next season and beyond to get corn planting right.

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The Right Tractor Tire Pressure Lightens The Load

With heavier machinery and larger loads weighing on soil and crop yields, new tire technology and automated inflation systems can help take the pressure off you and your fields, while boosting yields.

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How Does Your Crop Residue Measure Up?

You can estimate crop residue cover using these techniques between harvest and emergence of the next crop.

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Managing Crop Residue at Harvest and Beyond

Putting down an even cover of crop residue protects the soil surface and sets the stage for a healthy seedbed. It all starts with the combine.

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Backwater flooding covers stretches of farm lands near Yazoo City, Miss., Sunday, March 17, 2019, as seen in this aerial photograph. Various communities in the Mississippi Delta are combatting both Mississippi River flooding and backwater flooding that are affecting homes, businesses and farm lands. (AP Photo/Holbrook Mohr)

The Road to Recovery for 2019 Cropland

Whether prevented-planted or late-planted, many crop fields need special care going forward after an extremely tough weather year. Experts share advice for what’s next for best practices this fall and beyond.

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Crop Tour Takes on Tillage

New multiyear study will measure how different seedbed prep methods affect corn emergence, growth and yield.

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