Tweets Yield Crop Progress

Traditionally, USDA Crop Progress reports are generated by sending some 4,000 surveys out to Extension and USDA reporters every week during the crop season. What if there were another way?

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Seeing is Believing

Growers harvest new practices from AGCO® Crop Tour™ events.

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Eyes in the Furrow

The new SmartFirmer® seed firmer from Precision Planting® takes the guesswork out of soil conditions when planting.

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Opportunity Seized

After emigrating from Germany, two brothers seized the moment and put in the hours, building a successful contract-farming business from scratch.

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Boosting Soil Health

Productive soil contains a community of living organisms. Improving their neighborhood can improve your farm.

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Sweet Success

Best practices and new technology can help sugar beet growers hit the sweet spot when planting their crop.

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A brand new White Planters 9924VE planter sits, ready to go, under the factory lights.

Largest Capacity, Less Compaction

Gain productivity and precision with the White Planters™ 9924VE planter on factory-installed tracks.

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A Sunflower tiller, pulled by a tractor, preps a hay field.

Back To The Basics

Conventional tillage tools have their place in field preparation.

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Bales of hay, stacked high, are placed in a neat pile by machine.

Turn Trash To Treasure

Reap the benefits of managing crop residue.

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Doing Well By Doing Good

A Russian producer’s mission to improve the health of his soil, increase yield and share knowledge with others offers all the more proof that farmers, no matter where they live, have a lot in common.

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