Weed and Pest Control

Making the case for fungicides

Every farmer deals with weeds and most are ready for, if not actively managing pests in one form or another. However, practices become much less uniform and opinions begin to vary when it comes to fungicides. In one camp are farmers who swear fungicides boosted their yields tremendously. In the other camp are farmers who are skeptical that fungicides will deliver as promised.

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The Agronomy Brief with Darren Goebel

There’s more than one way to kill a weed… and you’ll need all of them.

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Tackling Toxic Weeds

An equal opportunity problem, weeds can show up in grass hay just as easily as in alfalfa.

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The Hit List

These are the weeds we love to hate.

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Prevention Beats a Cure for Weeds

Herbicides can work. So can mowing. But the best weed control strategy, says growers, is to keep them from coming up in the first place.

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