Vintage Equipment

Jason Johnson with one of his vintage Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz snowmobiles.

Whiz Kid

If Jason Johnson works on it, you can bet it runs. Check out his unique collection of vintage Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz snowmobiles.

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A Vintage Massey Ferguson Tractor Makes The Perfect Gift

Betsy Holt’s Christmas gift this past year was no ordinary tractor, but a vintage Massey Ferguson Model 35, complete with a red bow for the holidays.

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The “Massey Man”

Omar Holt made as much of a career helping others as he did selling tractors.

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A Real Toy Story

Lost since childhood, a model tractor is dug up during construction, and so begins what is now a 500-piece collection.

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Advice From A Vintage Tractor Collector and His Wife

LESSONS LEARNED: Brian and Channon Ussary sit down with FarmLife and share advice about successfully running their family farm together.

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A few of Brian Ussary’s restored Massey Ferguson vintage tractors.

Dependable Massey Ferguson Tractors: New and Old

A devoted Massey Ferguson customer, Brian Ussary, values hard-working tractors in the field, as well as the vintage machines he restores.

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Big Enough for Two

With a conservative approach to farming and a whole lot of teamwork, this Missouri couple finds the keys to running a right-sized operation.

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