Farmstead Projects

Man uses a Massey Ferguson front loader tractor to dump fresh gravel on a road to protect it during the winter.

9 Steps To Get Your Gravel Road Ready for The Winter

With the freeze-thaw cycle approaching, fall is a great time to do a little preventive maintenance.

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10 Steps to Making Your Own Charcoal and Smoking Chunks

When you make your own charcoal and smoking chunks, you get to play with fire and achieve that campfire smell when you grill.

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Charcoal Chimneys 101

New to using a charcoal chimney? Here are the basics.

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12 Steps for Building a Bridge

Build this simple structure and cross that ditch or swale with ease.

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Build a Root Cellar on Your Farm

Try this time-tested method for storing your bounty of fruits and vegetables.

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Build An Outdoor Bread Oven

Here’s how to build a wood-fired clay oven and take outdoor cooking to a new level.

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Let It Flow: How to Install a Frost-Free Water Hydrant

Running water from an outside tap can save time. Following these simple steps to install a frost-free water hydrant will also save you money and effort.

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Looking Sharp: Create Your Own Customized Knife

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your own customized knife handle.

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Dan Forsea

Protect the Water

A rancher shares tips on how to care for one very precious commodity and the land that’s near it.

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More Streambank Maintenance Tips

Saving channelized streams from further damage PLUS enhancing the health and productivity of riparian areas.

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