Land Management

Land Values Level Out

What happened to the farmland bubble analysts predicted?

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Crop Values Lag Land Prices (Infographic)

When values of key commodities are compared to how land prices have increased over the years in Iowa, Ontario and California, only almonds kept pace.

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Precision Ag: Five Tips for Getting Started

Implementing any new technology can be tough. Here’s how to get started with precision ag.

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Kings of the Hills: Baling Wheat Residue in the Palouse

Through careful stewardship and adaptation to changing times, producers in the Palouse region have not only sustained their operations, but also found new markets.

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12 Steps for Building a Bridge

Build this simple structure and cross that ditch or swale with ease.

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Scape & Scrape: Working In Extreme Weather

Brian Fuller, who plows snow in the winter and landscapes in warmer months, loves hands-on labor, living on the farm and his prospects for future growth.

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Building Farm Infrastructure Using the Internet

One rural area takes matters in its own hands to develop high-speed internet service.

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Percentage of immigrants in farm labor in U.S. and Canada (chart)

Immigrants on the Farm in U.S. and Canada (Infographic)

Compare the percentage of immigrants that make up the labor force in Canada and the U.S,
and find out more about immigration and agriculture.

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Land price chart shows increase throughout the years

Land Prices Increase Throughout The Years (Infographic)

The high price of farmland is one of the biggest obstacles facing young producers. Increases in average cost of land are illustrated here.

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A Visit With Southeastern Farmer of the Year Danny Kornegay

How diversification, and smart expansion, helped one farm family navigate the ups and downs of a volatile market.

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