Land Management

Crowdfunding the Farm

A new funding model helps farmers raise capital.

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Click to enlarge: During the last century, global water use rose at more than twice the rate of population growth.

Infographic To Share: Agricultural Water Usage in North America

Just how much water do North American farmers use?

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STRIPS Tips and Resources

Expert advice for planting prairie strips.

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The Promise Of Prairie Strips

A new program from Iowa State has the potential to significantly reduce runoff, while improving water quality, wildlife habitat and a farmer’s bottom line.

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So You Want to Start a Wedding Business?

Tips from those in the know on how to plan, build and keep it manageable and profitable.

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Infographic To Share: Earth’s Surface Area

Just how much of the Earth’s surface area is farmed, or farmable?

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Click the image to download a full-size map.

Watershed Map: How the West Was Drawn

What if the U.S. had based Western state boundaries on watersheds? One land use planner decided to look into the question and started a movement.

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Farm Stacking: Matching Farmers With Similar Operations on Land

A new initiative may soon provide an online means of connecting land-starved farmers with the ground they need as well as other necessities.

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The Case For Stover

In certain conditions, corn stover can earn the farmer additional revenue and increase yields.

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Ten-year-old John Jacob does chores year-round, and scouts for wounded animals during hunting season.

History Repeating Itself

The Utsey family has found ways to live off their Alabama land passed down for six generations.

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