Life on the Land

Spotlight On Rural Mental Health

After decades, farmers’ mental health issues are finally coming to the fore.

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Houdini Acts

One couple escaped to the country, along with a lovable—if troublesome—herd of “mini-mules.”

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First-Generation Dream

How a kid from suburban Virginia grew up to be the Southeastern Farmer of the Year.

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A Spirited Adventure

New to farming, this couple work the land with a sense of pride and a sense of humor, and, in the process, make a new life for their young family.

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Lessons Learned with Kristi and James Caldwell

These urbanites-turned-farmers and -distillers share their top three tips for making a living off the land.

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Antarctic Veggies Prep For Space

Remote-sensing technology helps researchers in Antarctica simulate growing produce in the harsh conditions of deep space.

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Rex Reyher stands by a center-pivot irrigation system on his farm.

Water In His Veins

A fourth-generation farmer comes back home with family and hopes in tow.

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