Life on the Land

Backwater flooding covers stretches of farm lands near Yazoo City, Miss., Sunday, March 17, 2019, as seen in this aerial photograph. Various communities in the Mississippi Delta are combatting both Mississippi River flooding and backwater flooding that are affecting homes, businesses and farm lands. (AP Photo/Holbrook Mohr)

The Road to Recovery for 2019 Cropland

Whether prevented-planted or late-planted, many crop fields need special care going forward after an extremely tough weather year. Experts share advice for what’s next for best practices this fall and beyond.

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AGCO Equipment Solutions for a Challenging Year on the Farm

Equipment and technology solutions from AGCO can help with harvest, grain conditioning, soil health and more after a tough year on the farm in 2019.

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The Water We Share

Working together, cities and farmers find a path toward clean water.

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Northern Exposure

Through long years and tough conditions, one Albertan farm family stays close.

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Lessons Learned on a Dairy Farm: A Visit with the Schraufnagel Family

For this Wisconsin dairy family, laughter is an all-around terrific motivator.

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A Second Nitrogen Revolution?

From ancient mucus to designer microbes, scientists get closer to helping corn fix its own nitrogen.

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Standing Tall: Fort Dodge Grain Terminal Murals

An Australian muralist transforms agricultural landmark into high art.

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