Economics & Management

Rural Infrastructure: A Creaky Skeleton (Canadian Version)

The basic infrastructure in farm communities is aging, sometimes even crumbling. Is private funding the answer?

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Growing Our Future

Incubator farms give beginning producers a head start.

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Land Values Level Out

What happened to the farmland bubble analysts predicted?

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A Farmer’s Perspective: Immigrant Workers and Their Critical Role

Immigrant farm laborers have been part and parcel of the North American agricultural landscape for more than a century. What few outside ag realize, however, is just how critical their role is in feeding a hungry world.

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Building Farm Infrastructure Using the Internet

One rural area takes matters in its own hands to develop high-speed internet service.

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Percentage of immigrants in farm labor in U.S. and Canada (chart)

Immigrants on the Farm in U.S. and Canada (Infographic)

Compare the percentage of immigrants that make up the labor force in Canada and the U.S,
and find out more about immigration and agriculture.

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Land price chart shows increase throughout the years

Land Prices Increase Throughout The Years (Infographic)

The high price of farmland is one of the biggest obstacles facing young producers. Increases in average cost of land are illustrated here.

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