Farming & Business

Legacy With The Land

Ryan Davidson’s road to success winds through five generations and two life-altering personal challenges. Legacy is what inspires him to move forward.

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Farming with Spirit

Faith and farming are transformative—and inseparable—for the McDowell family on their fourth-generation farm. Read More

Aspire, Adapt, Advance: Calculating for Success on the Farm

Michel and Hanneke Camps grow their business by adapting to new technology with their own brand of innovation.

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So You Want To Be A Farmer? Start Here

Getting a grant or finding a loan to start a farm can be daunting, but resources abound for those who long to live a life on the land.

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Building to the Big Leagues

This farm family takes a “Moneyball” approach to its operation.

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Farming On Demand

Is there such a thing as “double custom farming”? Because it seems like Robert Jantzi takes the idea at least one step further.

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Bales, Bovine and Barn Ball

In the heart of basketball country, this family farm builds a direct-to-consumer business based on premium product and Hoosier spirit.

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Top 7 Tips for Direct-Marketing Your Farm Products

Raising quality produce and livestock is not enough to make sure your farm is successful.

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Modern Milkmen of Oakridge Dairy

A rotary milking parlor, environmental responsibility, and the idea to supply milk direct to consumer are the new notions driving change at a dairy whose history dates back more than a century.

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Producing on the Prairie

Danny Floyd has made a life raising kids and cows in Oklahoma.

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