A Family Farm in the Economic Sweet Spot

Consistent size of farm and herd helps the Fontaines keep a tight grip on quality control, which pays off financially too.

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Farm, Family and Football: Inside a Successful Dairy

Meet Head Coach Jason Schwab, the man with the plan for a championship dairy.

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Does Robotic Milking Pay Off?

Why two dairymen turned their business upside down and installed an automatic milking system. Was it worth it? Watch the video and find out.

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Murray and Todd Schnarr

Robotic Revolution: The Latest in Milking Technology

Two dairymen discuss the upside, downside and the promise of automatic milking systems. The bottom line? It’s not all about dollars and cents.

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Vitamin D: Solar to Dollars

With a smart finance plan, serious incentives and an established solar contractor, two California dairymen have turned 4 acres of solar technology into a real cash cow.

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Dairyman’s Digest

From Lionza to London to the San Joaquin Valley, the Fiscalini family builds its business on comfortable cows, clean milk and investments in stewardship—like a methane digester—that are future-forward.

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How A Methane Digester Works

Find out how the digester turns waste into energy.

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