Sonia and Jimmy Smithers stand smiling with their horse, Patch.

The Sky Is The Limit

Horses and hay are simply heaven for Jimmy and Sonia Smithers.

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Alpacas Are Cool Critters

At Marble River Farm in upstate New York, the cute, coltish, quirky alpaca still gets a lot of love.

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Always Looking Ahead

How a growing family didn’t give up the dream of owning their own farm.

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Farming On Their Own in Remote Northern Quebec

Two brothers build new lives, start their own farm and make new friends far from home.

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Old Horses At Home

Part of our series on farmers and others in agriculture who give ’til it helps: Dee Doolittle cares for “retired” horses at Mitchell Farm.

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Outstanding in the Field

Stephen and Dawn Robertson have made a nice life at East Fork Farm marketing farm-to-table. One night last summer, their market came to them.

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