New RoGator C Series

It’s long been known as the benchmark in self-propelled application equipment. Now, with the launch of the C Series, RoGator adds to its decades-long reputation for innovative technology that delivers accurate and efficient application of nutrients and crop-protection products.

By Des Keller

Among the RoGator C Series’ many advancements are those that facilitate productivity and operator safety. For instance, a number of innovations in the all-new LiquidLogic system provide effective cleanout, precise rates, greater control for on-target application and less product waste for better results and return on investment.

For instance, the new FlowLogic recirculation plumbing keeps product moving through the boom and filters to reduce chemical buildup and help eliminate plugged spray tips that can cause misses and downtime. New ClearFlow recovery, the industry’s first full-recovery system, uses air to force product from the booms or reload station back into the tank, leaving less than 2.5 gallons in systems without injection. “We also eliminated dead spots at the end of booms with one continuous pipe,” says Craig Miller, sales and marketing specialist, application equipment, at AGCO. “This eliminates the risk of a customer getting buildup of product. When it is time to switch products or rinse out the system, you can be assured you are getting a more effective rinse because there is no chemical left in the boom plumbing,” protecting your crops and saving time.

The RoGator C Series standard system also offers control of 35 or 36 sections, compared to five or seven previously. This provides 35 sections for 10– or 15-inch spacing and 36 sections for 20-inch spacing. “This is a big step up from the past,” says Miller. “You’ll get better control with a more cost-effective option with higher accuracy, without the expense of a PWM [pulse width modulation] controller.”

For dry fertilizer, the AirMax 180 pneumatic spreader used on the RoGator C Series enables precise and uniform application, even when using variable-size particles, essential when top-dressing corn and executing variable-rate prescriptions. The AirMax 180 also has a boom system that maintains a proper height for uniform pattern spread and utilizes a dual conveyor that lets the operator shut off booms independently to help reduce overlap when running irregular-shaped fields.

AGCO’s engineers also redesigned systems and features to simplify operation from the cab and reduce fatigue, thereby allowing operators to work the hours necessary to take advantage of frequently short application windows. For instance, says Miller, “We’ve revamped the entire joystick and armrest so the system is easier on the arm. An operator won’t feel nearly as tired at the end of the day. These new changes come directly as a result of customer feedback.”

Also, the new all-wheel SmartDrive operating system uses an electronic drive that is more responsive to control movements, eliminating the “drive-by-cable” system that meant more physical, repetitive work by the operator. The SmartDrive system also gives users a similar operating feel to that of the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in TerraGators and even Challenger and Massey Ferguson tractors. That, plus common interfaces such as the AccuTerminal, will make the transition from machine to machine on the farm easier, saving training time and increasing accuracy in the field.