AGCO and Precision Agriculture: Seamless Technology

Illinois farmer Dave Lynn appreciates how AGCO’s precision ag tools can easily move from machine to machine and across various farming tasks.

By Jeff Caldwell | Photos By Christy Couch Lee

In 2000, Dave Lynn was looking for a new tractor. Up until then, green paint had been the norm on his Williamsfield, Ill., farm, but local service means a lot to Lynn and his farming partners. So, when the time came to buy new equipment and the local AGCO/Massey Ferguson® dealership, A.C. McCartney, came to the table with the best local service, Lynn jumped at his first AGCO-made machine, an AGCO RT120. He hasn’t looked back since.

Lynn says his AGCO equipment is reliable and the tech implementation is seamless.

Lynn says his AGCO equipment is reliable and the tech implementation is seamless.

“We believe it’s important to buy local for service, and you’ll always get treated better,” Lynn says. “When we needed that new 120-HP tractor, A.C. McCartney had just taken over the dealership, and we worked with them because they had it in stock and were there for us. I got in it and loved it.”

One feature that today makes a huge difference in every AGCO machine he employs—including the latest, a Massey Ferguson 8680—is the continuously variable transmission (CVT). Beyond the transmission’s smooth operation, Lynn says it helps him operate efficiently and get the most from the tractor’s 350-HP engine.

“The first thing we noticed about it was it got the power to the ground, and it did it really efficiently,” Lynn says. “We can get more out of it with fewer rpm.”

That latter factor took some adjustment, however. Operating at full throttle during field operations was something to which Lynn had been accustomed for years. Now, with his MF8680, it’s different.

“On these tractors, you don’t even have to run with the throttle wide open. Before, we always thought if you’re not running at full rpm, you’re not at full power,” he explains. “Now, we can just set our speed and the system adjusts.”

Lynn says his AGCO-made equipment—which includes the MF8680 and AGCO RT120A, RT140A and MF7465 models, as well as his MF9695 combine—are “reliable machines,” and he sees increasing utility in how seamlessly his technology tools work across all the company’s equipment. That’s something that helps him better integrate those new tools into his operation and saves time doing it. “With my monitor,” says Lynn, “I can mark seed population changes, then take that monitor out [of the tractor], put it in the combine, and I can see in real time how those population changes affect my yield.”

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