Auto-Guide™ 3000

AGCO builds on its reputation for developing compatible, cost-effective and easy-to-use technologies.

By Tharran E. Gaines

With plug-and-play convenience, Auto-Guide 3000 offers integration across a range of agricultural equipment brands, including Massey Ferguson® and other AGCO-made machines. The new system is also compatible with all GLONASS satellites, in addition to WAAS, OmniSTAR XP, G2 and HP subscription, and RTK GNSS signals. In fact, its high quality and reliability were driven by extensive testing at nine different AGCO manufacturing sites around the globe.

“Our new guidance solution, the Auto-Guide 3000, has been the most extensively tested guidance product that has come from AGCO to date,” says Matt Rushing, vice president, product management, AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) and EFG. “It’s a solution that both customers and dealers can place a high level of confidence in.”

Ease of use is key, notes Rushing. “AGCO has taken steps to design its next generation of guidance solutions to be simple to operate.” With Auto-Guide 3000, he adds, “it’s also fully scalable from sub-meter to centimeter accuracy.”

“It’s getting to the point that assisted steering is a standard requirement for most large farmers in North America,” adds Dave Swain, manager, AGCO ATS marketing. “Steering and guidance are the most basic precision-ag functions and are the foundation for almost every operation in the growing cycle.

“One of the greatest benefits of the Auto-Guide 3000 is that it can be integrated right into the same C1000 tractor monitor that the operator uses to control his tractor, White planter or Hesston® by Massey Ferguson baler,” Swain continues, noting that the system features straight-line, pivot and contour modes. “The same goes for the C2100 monitor in Massey Ferguson combines.

“This eliminates the need for an extra monitor in the cab and helps the operator focus on the field, since all the information he or she needs is in one location.” However, notes Swain, for more advanced characteristics and functionality, an optional monitor is available that offers a larger screen and more dedicated functions.

Auto-Guide 3000 is currently available as a factory-installed option on select Massey Ferguson and other AGCO-made tractors and combines, and on Hesston by Massey Ferguson self-propelled windrowers. It’s also offered as an aftermarket add-on.

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