Better Value, Better Tractors

Whether for loader or dairy work, hay production or general on-the-farm use, these four new series of utility tractors from Massey Ferguson® are setting a new standard.

By Tharran E. Gaines

Massey Ferguson has a history, a proud one on which the storied brand continues to build. It’s a legacy of equipment that is as innovative as a 3-point hitch, and as durable and versatile as the legendary MF135 and MF165, which were introduced more than 50 years ago.

Massey Ferguson 5700SL & 6700, tractors provide comfort, control.

Massey Ferguson 5700SL & 6700, tractors provide comfort, control.

It’s a singular tradition of rugged and easy-to-use iron, of comfort and technologically advanced equipment—from tractors, combines, balers and more. Indeed, it’s a history that repeats itself yet again, this time in the form of the new Massey Ferguson Global Series of tractors, including the newly launched 5700 and 6700 Series models.

Introduced this past fall, the Massey Ferguson 5700 and 6700 Series utility tractors were designed after extensive customer research, and engineered from the ground up for smart, versatile, long-lasting operation. Joining the 4700 Series, which was released in late 2015, the new lineup includes the MF5710 and MF5711, rated at 95 and 105 engine HP respectively, and the MF6712 and MF6713, rated at 115 and 125 engine HP.

Versatile, Powerful, Value Priced. “All four new common-platform tractors are built in AGCO’s newest state-of-the-art factory, which incorporates a module-oriented manufacturing approach that standardizes components, lowers costs and improves product quality and performance,” says Warren Morris, AGCO tactical marketing manager. “These no-nonsense, durable machines are ideal for efficient loader work, hay production and general on-the-farm use.

“Performance starts with an AGCO Power™ 4.4-liter diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final compliance, without the need for an exhaust gas recirculation system or a costly diesel particulate filter,” adds Morris, noting that the engine incorporates the brand’s proven SCR system and a simple diesel oxidation catalyst. “At the same time, industry-leading advancements, such as the SisuTronic EEM4 electronic engine management system, electronic wastegate turbocharger and high-pressure common-rail fuel injection, allow these tractors to be extremely fuel efficient.”

Even with their competitive price and fuel efficiency, these tractors also offer exceptional weight and 3-point-hitch lift capacity. The 5700 Series equipped with 4WD and a cab, for example, weighs in at 9,195 pounds and features a 3-point lift capacity of 7,710 pounds. The 6700 Series 4WD cab tractors boast a weighty 10,187 pounds and a lift capacity of 9,390 pounds at 24 inches.

Comfort, control and visibility were at the forefront of the new design as well. Both the 5700 Series models are available in 4WD (the MF5710 also offers a 2WD option) and platform or cab configurations. The 6700 Series models feature standard 4WD and a large, comfortable cab.

Tractors in both series also boast plenty of hydraulic muscle—up to 25.9 gpm total flow to the rear hydraulic remotes—and enough gears to match any job. All models are available with a 12FX12R, 2-range transmission that features an electrohydraulic shuttle on 4WD models. A factory-installed creeper is also available on each model, as are radial tires for increased stability under load, reduced compaction in the field and a better ride for increased operator comfort.

“We expect these machines to be very popular with dairy and livestock operations, and smaller farms that need heavy-duty performance without the extra features, bulk and price tag of larger, more premium tractors,” Morris adds. “Again, these are no-nonsense, durable machines with the weight, power and versatility to handle the toughest jobs.”

5700SL and 6700S series. For those who desire more options and more horsepower, Massey Ferguson offers the new 6700S Series and the 5700SL Series, the latter having been released last spring and named 2016 Tractor of the Year in the Best of Utility Category at Germany’s Agritechnica show. Introduced alongside the new Global Series models, the 6700S Series includes the MF6714S, MF6715S and MF6716S, rated at 130, 150 and 160 engine HP respectively. Power and torque on these models comes from an AGCO Power 4.9-liter turbocharge and intercooled diesel engine.

While 5700SL Series is available in Classic and Deluxe versions, all 6700S Series models are available in Classic, Deluxe and Premium versions. All feature a large, roomy cab, a full-color Setup and Information Screen (SIS) and 4WD. All 5700SL Series models also feature the rugged and reliable Dyna-4™ partial powershift for 16 speeds in each direction. The MF6714S, meanwhile, features the Dyna-VT™ CVT transmission—an option also available on the MF6715S and MF6716S. Other transmission choices include the Dyna-6™ transmission (24 F/R gears) on the MF6715S and MF6716S, and the Dyna-4 on the MF6715S.

Cab options on all 5700SL and 6700S Series models include an air-ride seat, cab suspension, various lighting packages and the unique Visio cab roof, which provides above-cab visibility that proves especially valuable when stacking or handling bales at full loader height.

“Deluxe editions of the 5700SL and 6700S Series tractors and Premium 6700S Series models are available with their own special options,” says Eric Zimmerman, AGCO tactical marketing manager. “These include factory-installed Auto-Guide™ 3000 automated-steering system, front axle suspension and SpeedSteer, which lets the operator adjust the steering ratio for more or fewer turns of the steering wheel. “Add the impressive 3-point-hitch lift capacity of the 5700SL and 6700S Series, along with the option of a 50-gpm hydraulic system on all 6700S Series models, and it becomes obvious that the new Massey Ferguson heavy-duty utility tractor lineup offers something for everyone.”