Born and Raised AGCO

As a full-time farmer and partner at a waterfowl hunting destination, Dan Daugherity trusts the AGCO brand for his tractors and combines.

By Richard Banks | Photos By Habitat Flats

When it comes to farm equipment, Dan Daugherity has barely known anything but the AGCO brand during his 42 years. As a full-time farmer and partner in Habitat Flats, Daugherity says he started out on Allis-Chalmers tractors and followed the transition to AGCO and Massey Ferguson. So, it was only natural that he would insist on a Massey Ferguson tractor for the hunting enterprise. “I really like the CVT transmission on my larger tractors,” he says. “But the transmission on the MF5465 is almost as easy to use, considering the number of speeds and the powershift within each speed range.”

Tony Vandemore, one of Daugherity’s partners, notes that with 100 HP, the MF5465 also has enough power to handle any piece of equipment they put behind it, while still providing the dexterity to navigate small fields and wetland plots.

As much as he likes his Massey Ferguson tractors, Daugherity has an equal fondness for Gleaner® combines. “I grew up on a Gleaner M3 combine and went straight to the R Series from there,” he relates. “Since then, I’ve operated or owned every R Series combine that Gleaner sold. Later, I moved up to the S Series with the S77 and S78 that I have today.

“Of course, there was a world of difference when we went to the first R Series rotary, and the capacity has gone to an even higher level with the S Series. We use an 8-row corn head and 35-foot grain head, and both machines have the capacity to go just about as fast as you want to go, yet they still do the best job of harvesting clean grain of any combine I’ve seen.”

The affiliation with AGCO makes sense, considering that Daugherity’s father, Jim, was part owner of the AGCO dealership in Brookfield, Missouri, prior to selling the business about a year ago. Today, the dealership operates as Brookfield Tractor, and continues to provide Daugherity with terrific parts support, even though he and his dad do most of their own service.