Challenger 1000 Series: New Tractor, New Future

The Challenger® 1000 Series establishes a new standard in tractor technology, power and versatility.

By Tharran E. Gaines

The new Challenger 1000 Series tractors are more than a new line of high-horsepower machines. They also represent an engineering breakthrough, offering tech-savvy solutions for today’s agribusiness operations.

Challenger 1000 Series in wheat field

The Challenger 1000 Series

“The Challenger 1000 Series is a completely new class of tractors,” says Josh Keeney, Challenger tactical marketing manager for North America. Each of the four models in the series, he says, “delivers more for less with high efficiency and incredible power … all while offering intelligent, superior engineering, and exceptional road speed and operator comfort.

Ranging from 396 to 517 HP, the four models in the 1000 Series are the most versatile standard tractor on the market. Weighing in at an agile 30,864 pounds, they can fill the row-crop and transport needs commonly delegated to a conventional tractor. An easy ballasting system gives each vehicle the potential to be loaded with up to 50% of its base weight for use in heavy draft applications typically reserved for small-frame articulated tractors.

“One key to the Challenger 1000 Series performance is an advanced step-less drivetrain called AccuDrive,™” says Keeney, “designed for high torque, independent of ground conditions, while keeping engine speed especially low.” He notes that the maximum torque lies at 1,100 rpm and remains nearly constant up to 1,500 rpm. The 1000 Series tractors also reach their maximum speed of 31 mph at a fuel-saving 1,200 rpm, and deliver up to 1,770 feet-pounds of torque (model 1050) at just 1,100 rpm.

The efficient and ergonomic cab environment even ensures all controls in the cab are color-coded for function, including engine and transmission, hydraulics, PTO and electronics—an incredible advantage when training new operators. Included in that are such tools as the 10.4-inch AccuTerminal,™ which provides operators a single access point to all information and controls. The unique AccuTerminal can also process all the ISOBUS functionalities available today, which means one terminal for all solutions. This includes information and settings for the tractor, ISOBUS implement control, guidance, AgControl™ Auto-Section control and VRC (variable-rate control).

Challenger 1000 Series Specification Chart

Specs: The Challenger 1000 Series

“The Challenger 1000 Series also incorporates two independent load-sensing hydraulic pumps that provide independent priority functions, and supply the respective applications with the right amount of oil needed through each individual circuit without reducing engine speed,” Keeney says. “It’s just one more example of the cutting-edge AccuEngineering built into this innovative series of tractors.”

To match the needs of modern precision farming practices, the Challenger 1000 Series offers a full suite of the latest Fuse® Connected Services: the new Auto-Guide™ automated steering; TaskDoc data management; and the latest version of the remote monitoring and management telemetry system AgCommand.® AGCO’s next-generation technology approach is designed to help producers optimize uptime, improve farm efficiency, and increase yields and profits.

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