A Yard Full Of AGCO Solutions

This family are AGCO fans from way back.

If you ask Bill Tucker, there is some crossover between his career and his farming life, especially when it comes to the equipment. “I chose a specialty in medicine that is more mechanical engineering than anything,” says the former cardiovascular surgeon. “It’s a pump, fluid, valves and hoses … same sort of thinking with the hydraulics on your tractor.”

A White Planters™ 8816 is part of the family's collection of AGCO equipment.

A White Planters™ 8816 is part of the family’s collection of AGCO equipment.

Their backgrounds might explain why both Bill and daughter Kristin—a forensic engineer—are impressed with AGCO equipment. Bill and wife, Nancy, have always run legacy Allis-Chalmers, going back to their earliest days on the farm in North Carolina. “When AGCO introduced the CVT transmission, we traded up,” Bill says, “and now would not consider purchasing a tractor without the CVT.”

Staying with the legacy equipment, Bill bought a White Planters™ 8816 when his old Allis 333 model was worn out. The simplicity and accuracy of the White were not disappointing. “We have a neighbor with a ‘green’ planter who drives by and says that he wishes his corn stand was as evenly spaced as ours,” says Bill. “This says a lot coming from a farmer who has farmed with ‘green’ for 40 years, and we are the new kids on the block.”

Rounding out a barnyard full of AGCO equipment are a Sunflower 4511 disk chisel, a Sunflower 6333 soil finisher and a Sunflower 9421 drill. They took delivery last fall on a Gleaner S77 combine as well.

The family works with three dealers: Central Iowa Farm Store in Marshalltown, Kruseman Implement in Sully and Goos Implement in Gladbrook. “They have been so good and helpful to us that we will remain loyal to them, and they keep us coming back to AGCO,” Bill says. “We have AGCO machinery because it is well designed, pleasant and comfortable to operate, and does the job that we expect, efficiently and economically.”

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