Cool Running: CYCLAIR on the Massey Ferguson 8700 Series

The new CYCLAIR cooling package on the Massey Ferguson® 8700 Series helps improve power, fuel efficiency and comfort.

By Richard Banks | Photos By Adam Glenday

Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractor

Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractor

Among a host of innovative features on the new Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractors is the CYCLAIR cooling package. Combining industry-leading technology and a groundbreaking design that places components in the most advantageous position for cooling capacity, CYCLAIR marks a significant leap forward in total tractor performance.

“With other brands, the positioning of the cooling system and air intake is typically an afterthought,” says Jon Slama, marketing specialist for high-horsepower tractors at AGCO. “That’s not the case with CYCLAIR. AGCO placed a high priority on its development, incorporating it in the overall tractor design to maximize cooling of AC, air, water, transmission oil and fuel.

“The entire cooling package has been redesigned to increase total cooling capacity, while maintaining its compact design. This allows the air intake to be at the front of the tractor where the air is cleanest, coolest and easiest to service,” says Slama. “This differs from our competitors that have the intake positioned near the middle of the tractors—some even right next to the exhaust stack—where the air is much hotter from the engine and dirty from the wheels kicking up dust.

“This improves performance,” adds Slama, “because cool air is denser. That density will combust better, giving the tractor more efficient power.”

With CYCLAIR, air passes through a fuel cooler and a Charge Air Cooler (CAC). From there it is redirected by a hot-air deflection shield, allowing the back water cooler to receive fresh, cool air. The two-plane system also contains the transmission cooler and condenser, all arranged to maximize cool air coming in through the front.

Another critical component on the 8700 Series is the redesigned hood, which efficiently manages air entering the cooling package and redirects hot air from the engine compartment and away from the cab. In addition to improving overall performance, such airflow, coupled with a larger condenser on MF8700 tractors, helps increase
operator comfort.

“And we do all of this,” Slama says, “in an extremely compact design that maintains a slim hood and excellent visibility. It also allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

“The 8700 Series tractors are the most powerful ever made by Massey Ferguson,” continues Slama, “and the CYCLAIR system maximizes the output of its industry-leading 8.4-liter AGCO POWER™ engines. That helps put the 8700 Series solidly ahead of the competition and an incredibly productive tractor in the hands of our customers.”

For more information about the 8700 Series, including category-busting torque curve, hydraulics package and versatility, see or your local Massey Ferguson dealer.