Celebrating 50 Years for the MF DX100 Series

Venerable, durable… and still in the field.

This year the Massey Ferguson® DX100 series turns 50. Yet the real story is not so much the birthday. Instead, the kicker is that so many of these tractors are not just running after a half-century, but remain a critical component of many farm operations.

“That 135 is the most balanced tractor,” says Robert. “It turns around on a dime"

“That 135 is the most balanced tractor,” says Robert. “It turns around on a dime”

“We love Massey Fergusons,” says James Cooley, a fruit and vegetable farmer in Chesnee, S.C., “and 135s are our specialty. We’ve got 17 of those.” He and his employees use the easy-to-operate, durable tractor to transport peaches and perform other tasks.

“That 135 is the most balanced tractor,” says Robert Dasher of Glennville, Ga. “I use one in my onion planting beds, where it costs about $6,000 an acre in seed cost, so you have to do precision work. I wouldn’t give mine up for anything. I can’t part with them,” he says.

The DX100 series was the Massey Ferguson company’s first original design. It not only featured the 30 HP MF135, but five other models, including the venerable MF165 and MF175 tractors, which also remain extremely popular today.

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