Go High or Go Low With The Massey Ferguson MF4610M Tractor

These tractors may be new, but they offer the efficiency, dependability and low-cost operation for which Massey Ferguson® is known worldwide.

By Jeff Caldwell

Featuring 99 engine hp and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, the Massey Ferguson 4610M is already an extremely versatile utility tractor. Farmers baling and handling hay to those doing loader work—even those working in orchards—praise its efficiency, power and comfort. Now, with the introduction of the MF4610M HC (high-clearance) model, Massey Ferguson has broadened its versatility even more.

“The MF4610M high-clearance utility tractor delivers the clearance specialty crop growers need to care for high-value crops without damaging the produce,” says Warren Morris, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson. “Two different tire sizes provide the tractor with drawbar clearance of either 25 or 27 inches. In addition, the MF4610M HC tractors can be configured for either 60- or 80-inch track widths, and as many as seven track settings with the use of axle extensions.”

Like the standard MF4610M, the HC model features a category II hitch, 540/540E PTO and up to three rear hydraulic remotes. A hydraulic assist kit provides 4,400 pounds of lift capacity at the 3-point hitch, while a creeper option, for a total of 18 forward and 18 reverse gears, also comes standard.

It was those last two features in particular that most appealed to Chuck Burton, who supervises planting and harvesting operations for Uesugi Farms, based in Gilroy, California. Burton had the opportunity to use an MF4610M HC prototype last season to harvest bell peppers at Uesugi Farms, which grows more than 20 varieties of fresh produce and ships from six different locations in California and Arizona.

“Overall, the Massey Ferguson tractor did a great job,” he says. “It had the hydraulic capacity to handle all of those operations, which is one of the main requirements; and it had plenty of horsepower to handle the loads.”

The MF4610M HC isn’t the only specialty tractor available through participating Massey Ferguson dealers, though. Through its partnership with Guardian Ag in Modesto, California, Massey Ferguson also offers a new line of low-profile 4700 and 6700 Series tractors.

The tractors are sent from the factory to Guardian Ag where they are fitted with a horizontal exhaust; low-profile tires and wheels; limb guards; and wide, steel orchard fenders to meet the low-profile needs of the specialty market.

“One of the best features of all the new specialty tractors, though, is the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to treat the exhaust after combustion,” Morris explains. “This approach doesn’t rob the engine of power and torque when it’s needed the most, and—just as important—does not require the expense and downtime for regeneration associated with tractors that use diesel particulate filters.”

For more, visit or see your local Massey Ferguson dealer.