Jason Schwab’s Dairy: In-Game Adjustments

Adaptive strategies make AGCO equipment the right choice for this dairy.

MF8660 running on the farm.

MF8660 running on the farm.

“The football instinct,” Jason Schwab says, “is when somebody scores on you, you regroup, and you have 30 seconds to figure out how they’re not going to do it again.” As a well-regarded championship coach says: Every play has a history of its own, and then you move to the next play.

Jason Schwab and his family dairy have a long history with AGCO products, including Massey Ferguson® tractors in a wide range of horsepower, and even Challenger® and Sunflower® equipment. From the first MF6180 the Schwabs acquired from Mike Bookmiller at Java Farm Supply in Batavia, N.Y., in 1998, to newer models, including the MF8660 running on the farm now, Jason has seen his own demands change and the AGCO products evolve to meet them. “I really like the adaptive strategies they’ve put in place,” he says. “They’ve had senior people here at my table wanting to know how they can make things better … then watching minute things happen from my side.”

Between that and the top-notch service he receives from Bookmiller and Java, Jason says, “I don’t think I’ve ever been down for more than a couple hours.” And, he adds, “My equipment can’t be down.” You don’t have to be a baller to relate to that.

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