Machine Makeover

This summer, add convenience, efficiency and safety to your operation with accessories from AGCO® Parts.

By Jason Jenkins | Photos By AGCO Corp.

It may seem like a luxury. Yet spend 10-plus hours a day in the seat of a tractor—craning your neck backward to keep an eye on your planter or baler—and quickly the cost of a camera system becomes an investment in personal health and well-being.

That’s just one reason to consider cameras from Dakota Micro, says Mark Weber, parts and services associate at Lindstrom Equipment Inc. in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Available through AGCO Parts, the rugged, durable cameras are both functional and versatile. Recently, both the AgCam® and EnduraCam™ systems from Dakota Micro were upgraded to high definition, offering greater resolution than most analog cameras. Weber says the camera’s magnetic base makes it easy to install anywhere, either with supplied cables or a wireless setup. Cameras are available with varying fields of view, depending on the intended application. “Cameras can help give you a better idea of what’s going on in your operation. It’s another set of eyes on things,” he says. “Improved visibility increases safety and operational efficiency. You can see if your equipment is performing properly and monitor progress. You can mount a camera in your loafing shed and check on your cows, without leaving the house.”

Other accessories also can help improve visibility, such as mobile device mounts from RAM® Mounts. Available in several sizes, the X-Grip® features a spring-loaded, quick-release cradle that securely holds your device. Mounting options include the Twist-Lock™ suction cup base for installation on glass and the Tough-Claw™ base for installation on bars and rails. “A cup holder isn’t really a safe or convenient spot for our expensive electronics,” says Ryan Balfour, parts associate at Hyde Brothers Farm Equipment in Hensall, Ontario. “The X-Grip is a simple addition to the cab that keeps everything in our busy lives more organized. I have one in my tractor. Before, I’d missed calls, because I couldn’t hear my phone ring or feel it vibrate. Now, it’s on the window, and I can see the screen light up. I never miss a call.”

Other accessory upgrades offer not only convenience but also entertainment to help pass those long hours in the tractor or combine. Select radios from Pana-Pacific, such as Model PP105715, feature Bluetooth® capabilities that allow for hands-free cell phone operation while integrating SiriusXM® satellite radio. Enjoy your favorite music genre any time, or listen live to your favorite sports team. Radios aren’t the only accessories that can make time spent in the cab more enjoyable. Consider an upgrade to your seat, add a canopy for more comfort, or install additional lighting for improved visibility. Summer is a great time to outfit your tractors, combines and other equipment with a host of accessories that offer enhanced ergonomics and comfort. More than 1,000 accessories, including cameras, mobile device mounts, radios, seats, canopies and many more, are available now at AGCO dealers throughout North America. Visit your local AGCO dealer for help selecting the accessories that best fit your equipment.

Check out these terrific accessories offered at your local AGCO dealer this summer:

  • Camera systems from Dakota Micro
  • Lighting from Grote
  • Radios from Pana-Pacific and REI
  • Loader and backhoe accessories from Alo
  • Complete seats from Sears
  • Lighting, cab kits, floor mats and complete seats from Hy-Capacity
  • Canopies from Femco
  • Mobile device mounts from RAM Mounts