Massey Ferguson® 9505 Series: Heir to the Throne

The new Massey Ferguson® 9505 Series combines continue the legacy, breaking new ground in capacity, comfort and efficiency.

By Tharran E. Gaines

The newest in a long line of industry-leading combines, the Massey Ferguson 9505 Series promises increased comfort and enhanced grain-saving features. “Customers will still enjoy the tremendous throughput and enhanced grain quality provided by the Trident™ processor that we introduced in the 9500 Series,” says Caleb Schleder, senior tactical marketing specialist for AGCO brand combines. “The same goes for our unique V-Cool™ cooling package. The 9505 Series simply builds on that technology with new features that improve performance and further reduce grain loss.”

Massey Ferguson 9505 Series

Massey Ferguson 9505 Series

Massey Ferguson engineers started up front with an enhanced header drive system that offers increased durability and additional muscle to the header. Modifications include a variable-speed header drive, heavier drum bearings, a double clutch, and a three-groove header drive pulley and belt—all of which enhance the ability to drive bigger headers with higher horsepower demands, including aftermarket chopping corn heads.

For improved cleaning performance, the 9505 Series machines also enhance the proven Massey Ferguson Trident processor with a new variable-speed hydraulic-drive fan that offers a wider speed range—from 100 to 1,350 rpm. The extended fan-speed range eliminates the need for a fan choke and removes that setting to simply adjust to various crop types, while providing enhanced performance for harvesting grass seed and canola.

To provide better control of material distribution on the shoe and to enhance rotor and shoe performance, corn/soybean models have also been equipped with perforated left-side rotor panels, complete with removable covers. The panels also provide better distribution of material in the separation and threshing area.

“One of the unique new features is an optional powered grain saver that is installed on the end of the unloader tube,” Schleder adds. “Acting much like an internal gate, it rotates open and closed when the unloading auger is engaged or disengaged to eliminate grain loss, especially when unloading on the go.”

The 9505 Series isn’t all about mechanics, though. A new and enhanced cab features a more spacious layout, ergonomic control placement and a new steering column—all in the name of improved comfort and control. A new option is an Ag Leader® kit that allows for a yield-monitoring technology upgrade, including “live” yield monitoring as the combine moves through the field. This allows the operator to view yield and moisture maps while harvesting, and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield. That same information can also be used to analyze cost inputs, create yield maps, and produce seeding and/or application prescriptions.

For full details about the new MF9505 Series combines—which comprises two models, the 460-HP MF9565 and 375-HP MF9545—see your Massey Ferguson dealer or log onto