Massey Ferguson: Service Made Simple

Great service and reliable equipment turned one longtime farm family red.

By Boyce Upholt | Photos By William Pugliano

The Chauvins can trace their farming history back nearly 200 years, through six generations—all on the same plot of southwestern Ontario land. So, Robert Chauvin figured he knew from long experience that buying a piece of equipment is the easy part. It’s keeping equipment running that’s hard.

But in 2008, when the family bought a Massey Ferguson® 8780 combine, Robert began to think differently about equipment maintenance. A decade later, Robert’s son, Maurice, still runs the same machine. “People look underneath, and they wonder where all the parts are,” Maurice says. But that simple design makes repairs easy, preventing downtime.

The Chauvins came to love Massey Ferguson tractors, too. They found the cabs comfortable and quiet, perfect for long hours on the family farm. “And they just sip fuel,” Maurice adds. “Nothing else compares.” That combine purchase proved to be just the beginning.

Today, the Chauvins run a Massey Ferguson 1754, outfitted with a front loader, for maintenance, and for hauling a grain auger, among other tasks. “We get more use out of that tractor than anything else,” Maurice says. “It’s saved our backs. I don’t know how we got by without it.” 

Then, for bigger jobs like tillage and land-leveling, Maurice drives a Massey Ferguson 8450. “It’s an amazing machine,” he says. “The AGCO® SISU engine [now called AGCO POWER™ engine], combined with the CVT transmission, makes this tractor far superior on fuel efficiency than anything we’ve ever experienced. The speed control makes it easy to find that right speed.”

Maurice and Robert have become regular customers at Advantage Equipment in Essex, Ontario. “They’re very, very helpful,” Maurice says, explaining that dealer personnel stop by the farm regularly, in part to make sure everything is running smoothly, but in part to catch up with friends. That service and reliability make Robert envious that Maurice gets a lifetime of leisure. “I’d probably look a lot younger if it had been this easy all the years I’d been working in the fields,” he jokes.