Massey Ferguson Tractors: Extreme Conditions, Versatile Machines

From freezing temps and mountains of snow to high heat and steep hillsides, Massey Ferguson tractors get the job done.

By Richard Banks | Photos By Rob Lagerstrom

Come snow, searing temperatures, even steep hills and uneven terrain, Brian Fuller relies on his Massey Ferguson® tractors for any number of tasks. He plows snow in the winter and maintains right-of-ways in the warmer months for the city of Fort Collins, Colo. He also keeps area cattle fed, including his own, with hay he bales on his land and elsewhere.

Tractors in extreme weather conditions

Tractors in extreme weather conditions.

In addition to being versatile, his tractors—an MF2605, MF4608 and MF4610 with a cab—perform equally well in each of the ways he uses them. “They produce a lot of horsepower … and do very well when it comes to economy with the fuel,” even though, he says, his two 4600 Series tractors are weighted down for work on steep hills.

Given the variety tasks he performs with each, he’s also pleased with how easy implements are to change. And considering the range of conditions in which he uses his MF4610, he’s impressed with the comfort of the cab. “Even on a 95-degree day, it’ll cool you right out of there. And in the wintertime, when I do snow removal … it might be below zero, and the heaters in here keep you toasty. You don’t wear a jacket; you don’t need gloves.

“The cabs in these are very nice,” he continues, “very wide open—exactly where you want all your hydraulic levers to be. Everything they put in ’em … the location is perfect. It’s just perfect. This cab, I mean, it’s nothing but windows. So the visibility is great.”

Fuller recently bought a used 956 Hesston® round baler, which he praises for its durability and ease of use. He’s also happy with his dealer, G&M Implement. “First of all,” he says of his AGCO equipment, “it’s a good product, so you’re not going to be broke down very often. But then when you do, it’s that service that I feel I get from the dealer [that’s important].”

His line of work, Fuller says, “It’s hard on equipment. And they will break. And the service that we get … is critical. If we’re broke down, we’re losing money. So, with Massey Ferguson, I feel … like we’re in good shape. We’re very happy with the way they produce.”