MF4610: A Marriage of Big Power, Fuel Efficiency

Saying “I do” to a small tractor with muscle.

By Claire Vath | Photos By Jason Dailey

Ron Mellon has had his share of tractor problems. “I needed something smaller, around 100 HP,” he says. He bought a new Case IH and “had nothing but trouble with it.” So he returned it. He also put plenty of money into a certain “green” tractor, whose hydraulics and air conditioning constantly gave him trouble.

Ron Mellon

Ron Mellon

That’s when Ron decided to try something new. “I stopped in at Vahrenberg Implements, where I’d bought mowers,” he says. “They were so good to deal with, I bought a new tractor and a manure spreader.” That new tractor matched the Mellons’ wedding barn: a shiny red Massey Ferguson® 4610.

And, it fit the bill for the more compact workhorse he needed. “I didn’t need all the bells and whistles,” Ron says. “I was leery at first because it’s a 3-cylinder, but it has plenty of power and doesn’t burn that much fuel. It’s just really economical.”

And that’s saying a lot from someone who spends so much time on the equipment. “I put about nine hours on it today,” says Ron, who uses the tractor for everything from feeding cattle to cutting silage. “Just today, I was moving dirt to make another entrance in from the highway for the new rustic barn we’re putting up.”

“It’s the perfect size,” adds Doug Vahrenberg, of Vahrenberg Implement, in Higginsville, Mo. “The 80 PTO-HP fits lots of cow/calf operations like the Mellons’. And it’s the right price. The 4610 has all the best features for the dollar.”

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