Plow Ahead: Massey Ferguson and Snow Removal

Snow is no match for Massey Ferguson® tractors

By Tharran E. Gaines

The last two winters on Prince Edward Island have been epic. Just ask Jamie Fox, who not only lives on PEI, but owns a truck stop that—no matter the depth of the snow—he keeps open 24/7.

How does he do it? He gives a chunk of the credit to his Massey Ferguson tractor.

Last winter, Fox could often be seen clearing drifts that were 4 to 5 feet above the tractor, an MF1635. “It’s so user-friendly,” he says. “It’s a pleasure to drive. The cab has plenty of visibility, and it has a much shorter turning radius than most tractors, which makes it easy to maneuver around the fuel pumps and service islands.

The MF1700 Series is adept at snow removal.

The MF1700 Series is adept at snow removal.

“I bought the tractor in 2011 and it already has close to 1,100 hours on it. Yet it’s never once failed me,” he adds.

Although the MF1635 that Fox uses is no longer part of the Massey Ferguson lineup, Brandon Montgomery, AGCO product manager for <160 HP tractors, says the MF1700 Series that replaced it is equally adept at snow removal.

“We’ve had customers buy a whole fleet of them just for that purpose,” he relates. “The MF1736 through MF1759 models are all available with a very large cab that provides excellent visibility, while blowing and pushing snow. Plus, they have a good transport speed for moving from one job to the next,” he adds, noting that the excellent power-to-weight ratio has also been beneficial in snow removal applications.

“Another great feature,” Montgomery continues, “is the auto throttle on hydrostatic models, which automatically controls the engine speed without the need to constantly adjust the throttle. All the operator has to do is press on the HST pedal. The harder the pedal is pressed, the more engine throttle is supplied, up to a maximum level that can also be set by the operator.

“Even the GC1700 and 1700E Series feature a power front axle with a bevel gear for a tight turning radius. This feature makes it very maneuverable in tight areas like small driveways and parking lots.”

For even bigger jobs, Montgomery says the new MF4600M Series was designed specifically for year-round use. “In addition to being Tier 4 compliant, all three new 70- to 99-HP models are available with a large standard or deluxe cab that is extra roomy for long hours on the job.

Among other advancements, the deluxe cab also features a rear wiper, rear window defrost, an air-ride seat and LED lights on the cab roof. “The LED light package,” says Montgomery, “will be a great feature for those who have to clear snow early in the morning and late at night, making it safer and easier to see. Match that with tight maneuverability, and Massey Ferguson tractors are the ideal choice for those looking for a product they can rely on in winter.”