Power, Comfort and Savings with the Challenger MT743

After years of running other brands, these Ohio farmers found Challenger tractors to be easier on the operator, while delivering more power to the ground and fuel efficiency.

By Des Keller | Photos By Des Keller

There was a time when Todd McGuire and his family didn’t use AGCO® equipment. Then, more than a decade ago, an old college friend, who had gone to work for Ohio Ag Equipment, suggested Todd consider the benefits of tracked equipment. The rest is history.

Today, the McGuires, who operate a 5,000-acre farm near Urbana, Ohio, own four tracked Challenger® tractors, the newest of which is a Challenger MT743. The brothers used the 317-HP-rated tractor for the first time this spring to plant their corn and soybeans. The result is that they are seeing even greater fuel efficiency without sacrificing power.

“The 743’s CVT [continuously variable transmission] and its ability to maintain hydraulic pressure on the planter when running at lower rpm is increasing fuel efficiency overall,” says Todd. “We feel like the track tractors are far superior on their power-to-ground ability and leave a lighter footprint on the soil.”

Paul agrees with his brother. “The Challengers are very efficient. I think they allow us to get on the ground a little earlier in the spring from a compaction standpoint,” he says.

Both Paul and Todd McGuire have been pleased with the ever-improving ride of the Challengers and the functionality of their cabs. “The ride quality is one of the biggest improvements in the 743 that came from reconfiguring the undercarriage,” says Todd.

Meanwhile, the McGuires continue to get great service from their other Challengers: a 4-year-old MT865C with the brawn to be their primary tillage tractor and two 3-year-old MT775s that can do anything from planting and sidedressing applications to pulling grain carts and spreading fertilizer.

In addition to the power and efficiency of their Challenger tractors, the McGuires’ relationship with Ohio Ag Equipment—with several locations in the state—is key to their operation. “Our local mechanic with them has been super great to work with and crucial to our success,” says Paul.

Todd agrees. “The technicians really are the key to the success of our relationship with the dealer and keep us rolling all the time—not just during bankers’ hours,” he says.

“I can text them a picture of any issue and let them troubleshoot it on their end. This saves everybody a lot of time and hassle. And time,” he continues, “is money.”